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Alta Niña Beach Resort, Accommodation Near Potipot Island

Alta Niña Beach Resort is a small quiet resort located in the stretch of Candelaria Beach in Brgy. Uacon, Candelaria Zambales. Candelaria is known because it is the jump off point to Potipot Island , a white sand island in the area. I chose to stay in this resort because by that time I was researching, this is the place that met our budget and our other needs.

To get to Alta Niña on a public transportation from Manila, you can ride Victory Liner buses bound to Sta Cruz, Zambales then ask the driver to drop you in Brgy. Uacon. You'll be dropped in the highway. There will be a waiting shed on your right and a signpost that says Alta Niña with an arrow pointing you to a 300 meter pathway (just accross the waiting shed). Just continue walking and you'll see the entrance of Alta Niña which is before La Trinidad, another resort in the area.

I've stayed in the resort with my family. I like that it was very quiet when we were there. They have two buildings solely dedicated for accommodation which are painted in orange and white. The resort doesn't offer much when it comes to amenities, they have a videoke machine but don't expect a pool and restaurant. You might not need a pool though because it is right in front of the beach. The beach has cold and clear water, black sand that is so fine. The shore is wide which is very ideal for beach games. (Beach Ultimate anyone? ^_^)

Their kind caretaker, Kuya Noel cooked for us through our entire stay. We just paid him before leaving. Surprisingly, I like his version of sweet and sour lapu-lapu, a dish that was never my liking. I also remember TJ, his very cute adorable son who showed us his amazing dance steps at a very young age. I bet he can be a famous dancer in the future. TJ was teary eyed when we left, as well as my mom :) I think that if only kidnapping isn't a crime, she would take him home with us. Hahaha!!! It's really nice to have a kid around a group of adults sometimes. :) Mang Noel even went on his way of finding a boat to take us to Potipot Island. We we're allowed by the owner, Niña to use their hut for our meals for free. ^_^

Resorts in Candelaria have generally higher rates compared to other places I've been but Alta Niña have one of the lowest rates in the area. The room is very basic but you'll notice how clean it is upon entering, probably because the building is quite new. It has a double bed, a single bed, a dresser, cold shower and a sink in the porch area. Upon pleading to Ate Nina, all six of us were allowed to stay in the room and were just provided 2 more cots. The room is really just for maximum of 5 people. We paid Php2,200 for the room per night and a minimal fee for Mang Noel's use of kitchen utensils facilities to prepare our food for 2 nights and three days. I think that is reasonable enough than booking 2 rooms somewhere else.

The shores of Candelaria have a very beautiful and dramatic sunset, one of the things you don't want to miss while staying in the resort.

My family had an enjoyable stay in Alta Nina Resort.

For Inquiries, you may contact Ms. Niña A. Mabalay at these numbers.
Mobile: (0918) 9265373
Landline: (+632) 6468069
Mobile Landline: 9868391

BTW, If you’re planning to cook in the resort, you may want to visit the market in Sta. Cruz, Zambales. This is the next town from Candelaria (when coming from Manila) They have incredibly low priced seafoods. I was able to buy a kilo of Lapu-lapu (fish) for only Php80. A yellow fin tuna for only Php90 and the usual Php 360/kg medium sized shrimp in Manila for only Php140/kilo in Sta Cruz.

Other Beachfront Resorts in Candelaria

Isla Vista Resort
           - I've stayed in this resort back in 2007 with my colleagues from Intercontinental Hotels Group. The resort owns a wide expanse of land dotted with coconut trees. I would suggest this place for a big group since they have houses that can accommodate maximum of 22 people. We stayed in their house with 5 airconditioned rooms, have television and karaoke in the living room and a kitchen with stove and fridge. I's also nice that corkage is limited to their restaurant and pavilion area so it is perfectly fine to bring, cook and consume food in the house without having to pay corkage. The only thing that turned me off during our stay is the absence of lights in the walkway, or if there is, they didn't turn it on. The resort is fenced and the gate to the beach isn't very near the rooms/houses so walking might not feel safe especially when you're not with a big group. If you want to check their rates, you can visit their site at

Sun Bloom Resort
          - Having read a lot of positive reviews for this place, this was actually my first choice for our family's accommodation. The owners of the place as well as the caretaker were very kind and prompt in answering the email inquiries I've sent them. They can also cook for guests. Only, they don't allow six people to stay in a room, and I would have to get two. Since I have a budget to work on, I needed to look somewhere else and decided to stay in Alta Nina instead.  To check their rates, go to

Trinidad Bay Resort
          - This is Alta Nina's neighbor resort. From the beach, this resort looked charming with tidy looking white wooden fences. Inside the fence are Mediteranean Villas and Balinese type huts. Noticeable from the shore are their walkways with trellis where yellow bell plants crawl. They have their own boat to take visitors to Potipot Island. You may visit them by checking this site,

Dawal Beach Resort
          - If a swimming pool in the resort is a must for you, then Dawal will be your perfect option. This is the most famous resort in the area. They probably offer the most facilities and amenities that will make a guest's stay comfortable and fun, for a higher rate of course. This is Isla Vista's neighbor and I heard blaring sounds of videoke when I went for a walk, thought the sound was coming from this resort. This is their site if you want to check their rates,

Potipot Gateway Resort
          - This is the nicest resort (in terms of design and structures) I've passed by while walking in the shores of Candelaria Beach. I wouldn't need to get inside their property to get a feel of the place. It felt vibrant, classy and relaxing. Visible from the outside are the nature inspired houses. Some parts of these houses are open and some are visible through large glass windows and inside are tasteful furniture and comfy couches with fluffy pillows. That sight made me want to drop myself in one of their couches. :) This is their website.

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing...

  2. You're welcome Love. I appreciate your comment. :)

  3. Have been to Potipot Island and I can say it is good you stayed in Alta Nina because there is no source of light in potipot during night except for the moon and it is very cold at night. (:

  4. Hi Joyce :) I myself have a low tolerance with cold weather and find the absence of electricity inconvenient. However, on those days I miss my mountaineering years, that's when I was a bit younger haha, I wouldn't mind those. It sometimes add to the experience and adventure. :)


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