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Morong Bataan's Pamarta Bali Beach Resort in a Gloomy Weather

Life is fast paced and sometimes, when we get a chance to bond with family or have a breather, we often prefer to go somewhere near. Time is precious so most of the time, people won't want to spend most of it in the road. That's our utmost consideration during this bonding moment with the family. Pamarta is about 3 1/2 hours drive away from Manila as well as from my hometown in Nueva Ecija where my parents will be coming from.

It was one of those moments I always look forward to because it doesn't usually happen since my sister is working in Singapore. I'm staying here in Manila and my parents are in  the province where they are living like newlyweds again (without any children). My sister only had 2 days to spare since it was just a weekend vacation for her. This is a place she chose for us to go and I had to trust her instincts since nobody from our family had been here before.

We arrived in Pamarta Bali on a hot and humid afternoon. We drove on our way there and we kind of got lost despite the directions provided to us by the resort. Upon arriving, the caretakers seemed to be expecting us already and our nipa huts were both ready. We made a deposit prior to arrival to secure the reservation.

Pamarta is not a full service resort. It has basic amenities.   Instead of offering rooms for accommodation, they have built individual nipa huts that came in two sizes. The bigger hut can accommodate maximum of 5 people and the small hut has room for 3 people. The huts have just enough space for the allowed occupants as I've mentioned but might be a problem for people with a big built. We weren't that comfortable ourselves with the small huts considering we're thin. It wasn't air conditioned and  doesn't have it's own bathroom. They have a common bathroom/restroom that is obviously clean and well tended for. What I like about the huts is the attached sitting area with tables where you can have meals or hang out before deciding to sleep. Currently, they are constructing a building for more accommodation choices.

The resort also doesn't have a restaurant but they allow cooking for a fee. Their kitchen area is spacious enough but could be better if they have placed a roof in cases of rains. The following day we were there, it had been raining hard because of a typhoon that we didn't expect would hit the area and it proved to be so hard to cook with just a makeshift piece of tarpaulin that was used as a roof. They also have grills. They don't charge corkage for food brought in the resort. I appreciate that when we were cooking, the staff lent us some of their kitchen utensils that we forgot to bring.

The beach has a wide shore ideal for games or team building activities. As for us, we had fun trying to capture a perfect jump shot using a point and shoot camera. As expected, we were not able to get a decent one. The shore is a long stretch of gray fine sand and the water is clear. I'd seen better beaches though. The best feature of Pamarta is  probably the infinity pool and the jacuzzi. It was really lovely. It was the first time I went to a resort spending more time in the swimming pool rather than the beach. The water is perfectly warm for night swimming. We sat by the edge of the pool sipping a bottle of beer while sharing stories with each other. I only realized it wasn't allowed the next day when I read the signs posted near the pool.

That night before we slept, the weather was fine and we were so surprised that we woke up 5AM the following day because of the heavy rains. Turned out, a typhoon was affecting the area. I did check  the weather forecast before we went to this trip and I wasn't expecting a typhoon. The sea became turbulent with high swells and we weren't allowed by the resort's staff to swim there anymore. Even if they didn't, we were sane enough not to risk it but still glad about their warnings. The climate turned cold too but we were not to be stopped by the weather from having fun. We still swam in their pool that surprisingly still has the water warm. Even my parents did join us and we had a blast wading in the pool while it was raining. It's priceless.

We left Pamarta before lunch time realizing the weather wouldn't suddenly turn well. Since there's no space for us to move around in the huts after swimming, there was no point of us still lingering. Despite that, my family still had fun in the resort. I'm looking forward to getting back there, probably when their concrete rooms with own restroom is completed.

Here are the Rates in Pamarta

UPDATE: Rates I'm sharing here are the rates provided to me by the resort during our stay. For updated rates, please check the resort's website or Facebook page.

and the Driving Directions the resort emailed to us.

Take the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) to Dau Exit then proceed to SCTEX all the way to Tipo Exit. Enter Subic (SBMA) passing by Subic Airport and Triboa Bay (APEC Villas). Exit at Morong Gate. Follow the Anvaya Cove signage then after Anvaya, go all the way to Morong Junction Crossing. Turn right then turn left after the old Morong church. Go straight ahead until you see Pamarta Bali Beach Resort. It is located right beside Gold Coast Beach Resort.

*** As I remember, you'd pass by unpaved narrow roads before reaching the resort.

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  1. hi ask ko lang po sana if need pa sa kanila mag pa reserve for accomodation? la kasi kami landline to call their office eh,,tnx po!

    1. Hi! On our case, they requested us to book in advance rather than walking in. They required a deposit payable to their RCBC bank account. No worries if you you don't have a landline, we communicated with them through email and they we're prompt in answering our queries.

      You may try to email Anne P. Sevilla, their booking officer at Sya kasi yong nakakausap namin sa email before.

  2. Whoah! What a very beautiful philippines beach resort despite the gloomy weather! :D

  3. maganda sana kaso deceiving yung price na nandito sa blog, here's there new price list from their facebook acct.

    1. Thanks for sharing the updated rates of Pamarta. The rates I posted on my blog are the rates provided to me when we stayed in the resort back in 2012. Please check the date when reading a blog. It is never my intent to deceive readers.

  4. PAMARTA BEACH BALI BA KAMO ?? HINDI sila marunong mgbook ng maayos , pagdating mo dun wla n ung reservations mo ..san kpa ?? wag kyong pu2nta dto . ganun kse ang ngyare smen .. im so disappointed ..

  5. Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. Hindi naman nangyari sa amen yan nong nagstay kami don. Nacurious tuloy ako what transpired.

  6. Thanks Pang, this helped me a lot

  7. Try to explore the nearby Anvaya Cove Beach, Exclusivity and Security are their priority. More over, their lots of exciting amenities awaits you that will make you feel so special.

  8. alam niyo po ba commute going there?


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