Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Five Most Favorite Romantic "Travel" Movies

It's February again! Needless to say it's the most romantic month of the year. Lovers from around the world would be falling in love once more as they proclaim their undying love with sweet and romantic gestures with each other. :)

What is the best way to celebrate Valentine's day together? If you'd ask me, it surely is still and will be an unforgettable travel together. Since my beau and I are currently in a time where we are so occupied preparing for probably what I could say is the most romantic day of our lives together, we would be skipping that this year and just wait right after the wedding (which is 15 days from now!)

For now, I'd be contented to watch these movies again that I fell in love with in the past years, one in a day. :) I call these romantic travel movies and by travel, I didn't mean just literally traveling but these movies show panoramic views of my dream destinations. That way, I would feel like I'm already traveling while feeling good about love. :) These movies are not just for love junkies though, even singles can enjoy this quite a lot. Why not give it a try and see what I mean?


After watching this, I wondered how the world is full of mysteries. Traveling opens us up to a lot of possibilities, even meeting someone who is intellectually different from us yet stimulating enough to get us interested, attracted and who knows?.. who would sweep us off our feet? Now that's destiny. :)


This movie led me to appreciate how colorful and beautiful the cultures in other countries are. The more reason for me to want to travel. :)


It seemed a bit unreal but I don't really care. Who doesn't love a happy ending anyway? Plus the landscapes of Austria, Prague and the rest of Europe are awesome!

My favorite part is when Ben asked Anna, " So if you're scared, why do it?" and Anna answered "Because the things you're scared of are usually the most worthwhile before bungee jumping into the river just below the bridge.


No matter how we plan things, sometimes it wouldn't just work out, or it will but in a way we didn't expect it to happen. That happens in life and in love too. :)


This movie showcased not only the beauty of America (from East Coast to West Coast) but also the lessons the characters learned from each other as well as from themselves while hitting the road.

*** Movie clips in this post are NOT mine and is owned by the respective owners who posted this in Youtube. *** 


  1. Wow! I've only seen Leap Year and I found it awesome! I never thought that Ireland is such a beautiful county.

    I love watching movies. Sometimes, however, they make me feel a bit sad when I think to myself "huhu I wanna go there but I've to save tons of money"

    Thank you for this list. Now I have some to download and watch! :)

    1. I share thesame sentiments with you Claire. I sometimes wish our currency is at par with Euro, that will surely give us a better chance of backpacking through Europe. Let us continue dreaming though, everything is possible right? :)

      There is one more movie I forgot to include here. I would be adding that later. It's a very fun movie to watch. Only You starring Robert Downey Jr. :)

      I hope you enjoy these movies. Take care!

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