Monday, September 3, 2012

The Official Philippine 2013 Holidays

For people like me who is passionate about traveling, it is always a good thing to plan ahead of time. It's in advance planning we save a lot by being able to book lower airfares, sometimes even cutting the cost  half the original by taking advantage of seat sales. Knowing the future holidays would better assist us in the mapping out our travel calendars. 

Recently, Malacanang issued Proclamation 459 (please open the link for a more detailed information) as guidelines to the 2013 Holidays. If I'm not mistaken, there will be fewer long weekends for next year comparing it to the current year. Don't fret though, what are vacation leaves for?  

Check this out and let the wanderlust begin. :D


  1. I wonder how did you spend the long holidays:)

    1. Truth is, I didn't have much travel this year. I've only visited a few nearby but never been to places and then an out of the country trip this coming November. Saving up for an upcoming special event. ;)Hopefully next year I can maximize more of the long holidays. :)


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