Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carlito's Restaurant in Jaro District

The day I set foot in Carlito's Jaro Branch wasn't planned at all. I didn't even know it existed. We we're looking for old houses in Jaro and the scorching heat of the sun made us crave for a refreshing drink. Walking around Jaro Plaza, we noticed this cute establishment. The roof is made of what looked like brick pieces laid together carefully. The facade is made of glass and wood which is carved on the upper part. It looked modern and cozy. Coincidentally, we saw a board near the entrance advertising that they we're selling halo halo. Perfect! ^_^

Upon entering I couldn't help but notice the nice design of the restaurant's interior. The roof looks so interesting with pieces of wood arranged in a symmetry. The hanging lamp made of stained glass at the center of the ceiling complimented very well with the theme of the interior. The furnitures are made of wood too. There's a beautifully landscaped grotto accessible through a back door. Everything is simple yet looks perfect.

Carlito's is located along Lopez Jaena St. in Jaro very near Jaro Church and plaza. I noticed that the other part of the restaurant is shared with T Grillhaus, the latter also have an Al Fresco Restaurant.

The waitress provided us the menu and I noticed they have wide range of selections. Since we're not hungry (having snacked on rice cakes), we just ordered the halo-halo to cool off so I won't be able to share about their other meals but the halo halo, once we added more milk was already a treat. I'll intend to go back to Carlito's to try their best sellers once I visit Iloilo again. :)

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