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Island Tropic Hotel: Accommodation in Hundred Islands

As a backpacker, it is in accommodation that I cut the expenses from soaring. Anyways, I'll just use the room to sleep for few hours before starting exploring again. My trip to Hundred Islands is a totally different consideration since I'm traveling with my folks. My sister and I wanted everything to be truly comfortable for them. It was hard finding a hotel online very near Lucap Wharf and is both nice and affordable. I saw some but reading the reviews and considering our budget, I felt like it's not worth it. My days of checking paid off when I came across a thread with one member mentioning Island Tropic. I typed the name of the hotel and their website showed up. I wonder why their site doesn't show when I google Hundred Island or Lucap accommodation.

The hotel is located in Boulevard St., just in front of the wharf, where boats that transport tourists to Hundred Islands are docked. The islands are also visible from afar.

When we arrived at the hotel, I was expecting us to pay Php2,400 for their family room as shown in their site. The rate is reasonable and may be cheap for some, but you don't me, I consider that amount a luxury, lol! I was surprised that when I've spoken with the front desk, their rates became significantly cheaper (maybe because it's off peak season) so we paid Php1,400 plus 200 each for the 5th and 6th person. Do the math and you'll know we saved a lot. :)

When we got inside the room, it looked bright and felt pleasant. It is very neat and everything was orderly. I've read some reviews online about the other hotels and can't help but smile because I know this room got more facilities compared to others at an even lower rate. There's a cabled TV, a dining area, a seating area with 2 chairs and a center table, perfect for my sister's notebook. There's a small kitchen sink, and the AC is very quiet but really cold.

The bedroom has 2 double beds and we were provided 2 more cots. The sleeping area is separated from the seating/dining areas by the bathroom. The bathroom is not that spacious and as modern as luxury hotels but it is at par when it comes to cleanliness. It's flawless. Their hot shower is an added comfort too and I find the frosted glass in the door cute.

The hotel has an al fresco restaurant where we had dinner. Prices are reasonable for deliciously cooked meals. Serving isn’t big but that’s to be expected with their prices. The following morning ,when we’re about to leave, I saw the French guy we met in Imelda Cave having breakfast with his Filipino friend.

With everything good that I mentioned, what really won me over is their service. Everyone, from the front desk, even their cook, to the housekeeping guy, is really friendly and helpful. (I asked for their names but I sometimes am forgetful ) We didn't need to ask them for anything, they seemed to know when to offer help. Like when we're almost done with dinner and I was taking my family's picture, the lady at the front desk approached me and volunteered to take the picture instead so I can join in the table. She even offered to take 1 more shot. :) The cook also served the food to us, not forgetting to smile and tell us to enjoy our meal, just a simple thing that some tend to forget, especially when we're not paying them a lot. With the guy from housekeeping, he may have noticed that we're outside the room, waiting our turn to take a bath (since there's just 1 bathroom) and he offered us to use the shower of the room he was cleaning. I'm not being paid to tell good stuff about this hotel but it's my personal and my family's experience that led me to writing this.

Night time came and with Island Tropics located very near the wharf, we (except for our parents who were already resting) walked to the park right after dinner. I’d say it’s a favorite hangout of the locals specially teenagers.

It was relaxing hearing waves. The scent of the sea made me wish I live in Lucap. (But that happens to me everytime I'm in a new pace, lol) There was a lighthouse in the middle of the park that looked mighty in the darkness. There was a love song playing near the Tourism office and it almost felt like a romantic night, if only I'm with Nikko alone, hahaha!

We strolled the areas surrounding the park then decided to go back to Island Tropics when it started to have light rain showers. I had a good night sleep in Island Tropics Hotel.

You may check the hotel's website at

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  1. Love your blogggg! :) Di kaya maubusan ng rooms sa hotel na to sa october? Marami ba silang rooms?

  2. Thank you anonymous :) I'm not so sure kung gano kadami rooms nila but I think aabot ng 30 rooms. October is lean season, wala usually masyadong nagtratravel ng ganong month but it is always better and safer to book a place to stay in advance. Have fun on your trip!

  3. Hi, thank you for sharing your travel experiences through your blog. It's very helpful and informative. I'm trying to contact The Island Tropic Hotel, seems like their number is not working, laging busy tone...

  4. Hi Maria Teresa. I'm glad to hear you find the blog informative, that's my soul purpose trying to squeeze blogging whenever I've got a chance. I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time reaching them. Sadly, I don't have their updated number. Hope you can contact them soon.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for posting as much info as you could. Nakakaengganyo lalo pa't mukhang matipid ka din.. Nagkakaidea talaga ako.. Ang dami ko ng nakaplanong lakad, parang madadagdag na naman to sa listahan :))


  6. It's my pleasure Wena. Iba kasi ang feeling pag nakakapagtravel ng tipid lang, fulfilling. Hope you have fun on your future trip.:)

  7. OMG! Thank you for blogging this.. I've been wanting to go to Hundred Islands and planning to go on April with my hubby. This is very helpful and encouraging for me =D God bless!

  8. Thank you for this hotel tip. I've been searching for an affordable and comfortable hotel where my folks and I could stay. :)


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