Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wang Hwang So Grill - Good and Affordable Korean Restaurant in Ortigas

Yesterday, I had dinner in a Wang Hwang So, a small Korean Restaurant in Ortigas. It was a surprise treat from my fiance. The restaurant is tucked in a corner of a building located in the not so crowded part of Ortigas Business district.

To be totally honest, I've never tried Korean food before,  so I'm glad Nikko brought me here.

It's just the two of us and Nikko ordered Pork Galbi. It is pork marinated then grilled right in the grill attached to our table. Once grilled, it can be dipped in the sesame oil or doenjang, a traditional Korean fermented soybean. It's an interesting dish since we had to wrap it with lettuce or perilla. Perilla  smells and tastes like mint and is used in various Korean dishes for it is known to help preserve and sterilize other food. Despite it tasting a little bland to me, I really like that the lettuce is crisp and very fresh complimenting to the tender and succulent pork.

With any order in the menu, they serve side dishes. First is Ugeojiguk, a soup made from napa cabbage and two side dishes, Kimchi and Namul. Kimchi is napa cabbage seasoned with chili peppers and salt then fermented. What I like best is the salad they served us. It is  combined lettuce, leeks and mung sprouts made really good by their seasonings. I fell in love with it so obviously, we had to ask for another serving. They replenish the side dishes as soon as the plates are emptied :) I'm no food expert but I definitely know the food in Wang Hwang So is good. When we went there, all tables are occupied and everyone is Korean, proof that they are serving authentic and delicious meals.

Their prices range from Php220 to Php650 but just a serving is enough for two. It's a little restaurant with 8 tables plus a long table on a private room and has male servers who work very swiftly making sure every customers need is tended promptly. They were also accommodating to our requests and never failed to check if we needed something else. I felt like being pampered by a close friend who is hosting a party for me. :)

The restaurant is located in Dispo Philippines Inc. Building in the corner of J. Escriva Dr. and Gold Road in Ortigas. It is across Astoria Plaza. You can contact them at (02)-451-1027.

UPDATE I was just here with friends last Wednesday, March 7, 2012. The menu hasn't changed a bit as well as the prices (amazing!) although if you're not alone dining, they won't allow you to order just one dish. They served us 2 free steamed eggs. It was also my first time to try Soju, a Korean alcoholic beverage. It's gentle to the taste buds but it is said to easily make someone lethargic. Everything is still fresh and affordable and I realized it's more enjoyable to sit on the floor than the chair when eating here, for a more authentic Korean experience. :) They are now open up to 3AM. It's just a walking distance from my current work so I'm sure I'll be a frequent visitor.

Pictures from our recent visit


On EDSA coming from Cubao:

From EDSA, take the flyover turning left to Ortigas Ave.
Turn right on Meralco Avenue.
Take the flyover to avoid Dona Julia Varga intersection.
Go straight on Meralco Ave., even past Department of Education (formerly University of Life). Turn right on Shaw Blvd.
Go past the stoplight at the intersection of Shaw and Pioneer-San Antonio Village.
Turn right at the first street (with Metrobank and Red Ribbon at the corner) after the stoplight. This street is J. Escriva St.
Just across Astoria Plaza is Dispo Building. You need to enter the lobby then walk on your left for the restaurant's entrance.

On EDSA coming from Makati

From EDSA, turn right on Pioneer St. and drive to the very end.
At Shaw Blvd, turn left.
Turn right at the first street (with Metrobank and Red Ribbon at the corner). This street is J. Escriva St.
Just across Astoria Plaza is Dispo Building. You need to enter the lobby then walk on your left for the restaurant's entrance.

Along Shaw Blvd coming from Mandaluyong

On Shaw Blvd, take the flyover to avoid the EDSA intersection.
At San Miguel Ave. (with One San Miguel Place and St. Francis Church at the corner), turn left.
Turn right at Lourdes Street, which is the first street turning right (with Richmond Hotel at the corner).
At the end of the street is Pearl Drive. Turn right.
At the end of Pearl Drive is Gold Loop, which is a one-way loop around a huge parking lot. Follow the loop around, until it brings you out to J. Escriva Drive. Exiting out of the loop into J. Escriva, you will practically be facing Astoria Plaza. In front of it is the restaurant.


  1. Send your blog link to the owners of the resto. You deserve a free dinner coz you advertised their place... with matching directions pa (love it!). Anyone who reads this would want to eat there. Dapat may bayad ka coz you recommended the place. :)

    -Ate Joie

  2. Thanks for reading Ate Joie. :) Hmmm... now that you've mentioned it, I might just do it. hahaha! Nope that's ok, they deserve to be recommended. If I didn't enjoy their food and hated their service, I'll still be writing about them anyways.:)

  3. Yup agree ako jan@Ate joie dagdag promotion to sa kanilang restaurant dapat malaman nila to..hehe.just kidding. Bibisitahin ri namin tong resto na to nang matikman ang kanilang korean food. Sa totoo lang po di pa rin ako nakatikim ng any korean food..ahaha.. Maraming salamat po sa blog na ito. God bless.

    1. Hope you also enjoy the food Zumi. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  4. BEST korean restaurant ever! But they said that they will closed this november 2012 and transfer to pasay :(

    1. Did you hear that from them? Urgh,too bad, it will be farther from my place.


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