Friday, April 1, 2011

Bacolod City at Night

We originally planned taking the one hour fast ferry trip from Iloilo City to Bacolod. Coming from Boracay, we arrived late in Iloilo and didn't make it to the last trip. Asking the drivers in the area, we learned that the other option would be to take the roro (roll-on roll off ship). Comparing the fares, (Php50 for roro and Php230 for fast ferry) we could have saved a lot if we didn't have to hire a van from the city proper to Dumangas port which is about 30 minutes travel. It's getting dark and we just wanted to make sure we get to Bacolod before late at night.

It was my first time riding a roro and to be honest, I felt scared for the first few minutes especially we we're not provided with life vests. Several minutes passed and I started enjoying the ride, watching TV to let time pass then eventually staying at the roof deck of the roro, feeling the cool wind blowing against my skin and checking out the stars in that clear night sky. After almost 2 hours in the sea, we reached the Port of Bacolod.

From there, we took a tricycle that brought us to Pension Bacolod, paying Php10 each. The pension house is located in 11th street. It offers probably the lowest rate in town. They we're almost fully booked except for 3 fan rooms for double occupancy. We took all the three rooms paying just Php230 for each room. Rooms are decent enough, the 2 single beds felt comfortable yet, the common restroom needs more cleaning. It didn't matter much though since we just needed a place to rest for the night before waking up early the following morning to go to Mambukal Resort. The pension house's facade looked really nice at night with all those Christmas lights giving the illusion of a castle from afar. I wasn't able to capture a picture though, I thought I did but it didn't show in my camera so I just took a picture of it the following morning.

It was already 9 PM when we settled our payments. We dropped our bags in our rooms then walked to the main road where we rode a jeep going to Manokan, a famous strip of stalls known for their delicious Chicken Inasal - a food that originated from Bacolod. There are several stalls but we chose to have dinner at Bernadette's. Their stall looked pretty neat compared to others and we loved the colors of the table cloth, lol!

When they served our food, I could definitely say that it was the most savory chicken Inasal I tasted. It's also very tender and there's a hint of different flavors in my tongue especially after adding achiote oil in it. It was a perfect treat for my protesting stomach. :)

After dinner, we walked for a while passing by the Cathedral of San Sebastian/Bacolod Cathedral. It looked grand, illuminating out of darkness.

Then we went back to the pension house where I soundly slept. I'm not sure what time I did doze off, but I'm certain that it’s my satisfied stomach that summoned me to my bed right away. :D


  1. Wow, you really had a great day in Bacolod! :) And the chance of stumbling upon your blog actually made my day. My family and I will be there on July but still undecided what pension house/stay we will be staying. I already made inquiries at Ongbun Pension but still looking for a pension house that offers a better deal. Do you know how much are the rates for the ac rooms in Puerto Bacolod?

  2. Thanks for dropping by, hope to know your name. :) Yes, it was really fun, wished we could have stayed longer though, I'm sure Bacolod has more to offer. From what I remember, AC rooms in Pension Bacolod with own bathrooms start at Php640. I'm not just so sure if they still have the same rates as of the moment. Enjoy your vacation. :)

  3. Thanks Pang! Actually I was trying to post that comment with a url or wordpress ID but i think there's a problem for it didn't work. Anyway, i'll add you in my blogroll. :) Take time to visit my blog: :)

  4. Thanks G-nang! Wow, I checked your site and it was the same blog I bookmarked weeks ago when I was researching for my Palawan trip this coming July. I'll be staying in Sabang for a night and was wondering what else to do there besides the Underground river, and bam! I was directed to your site. :)


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