Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Satisfying Organic Meal at Bohol Bee Farm

When I created the itinerary for the Bohol trip with my family, I made sure we will be hitting Bohol Bee Farm. I know that it is part of the Country tour offered by the driver/tour guide I've contacted but I want to make sure we'll have enough time to have a leisure meal and explore the area without hurrying so what I did is to make a separate day just for Bohol Bee Farm.

Bohol Bee farm is a resort located on the cliffs of Dauis. They have cottages available for night accommodations.     What's probably more famous though is their food. They have three restaurants inside the resort. Each restaurant serves organic food harvested right from their garden. More interestingly, they add honey in all their food choices, harvested directly from their bee farm.

Right from the airport, Kuya Edgar drove us to Bohol Bee Farm for lunch. We headed to the restaurant and chose a table near the edge of the cliff, overlooking the sea. Food attendants approached us right away and provided us their menu. Browsing their menu, it seems they have a lot of interesting and unique food options. We opted for their buffet meal and paid Php500 each so we can have a taste of everything we like without having to pay more if we order each viand separately.  Waiting for our order, I can't help but admire the place. It is lovely, with all the plants and trees, with the tables set in native huts beside  the cliff where we have a spectacular view of the azure sea, not to mention the sounds of the waves it creates.

In about 20 minutes, Joan one of their waitresses, started serving us the food. There's a lot that there was no place left in our table to put the others so they added a folding table next to our table. Everything looked appetizing. I actually couldn't wait to try everything. :D What I'm most excited about is the organic garden salad which has flowers mixed with different lettuce types, some of the flowers I'm familiar with as we have those in the province but didn't know that those were edible. To be honest, with just the leaves and flowers, it may not taste good but the dressing is a real winner! It sure made the salad tastes really delicious. Everything included in the buffet meal is sumptuous. I felt so full, specially they keep on refilling our table with everything until we said not to anymore. I reserved a room for desert though - how could i pass up on malunggay ice cream? It's my first time to try this. Eating in this restaurant is truly a delicious experience.

After meal, we lounged for a while, checking out the other parts of the resort. We walked downwards the stairs leading to the sunbathing area. It is a platform made of sturdy wood built right above the water. There are areas with a roof that looks like a lovely place to read a book or to engage in a light conversation. It also offers a view of the waves caressing the rocks of the cliff. Here's a video of this area.

Walking around, I saw a small indoor pool near the front area of the resort. They have recreational facilities like billiards as well. Their restroom is cute and with bright paint. Everything around has a touch of art. I think that whoever designed the place might be a real art genius and is a lover of nature, anything blends so well with everything . 

Before you leave, they also have a shop where you can buy for organic products produced from  the their farm. The products are perfect for pasalubong.

Bohol Bee farm is definitely a place I'd suggest my friends to visit when in Bohol. It is a wonderful place that's guaranteed to give you a feast, visually and gastronomically. I already miss their food!

Getting Here

I won't be able to share how to go to this place via commute since I arranged for an airport transfer from our hotel resort.  We were fetched from Tagbilaran airport, dropping by Bohol Bee Farm for lunch before proceeding to Whites and Greens Resort in Panglao. We paid Php500 for one way airport transfer and additional Php300 for staying in Bohol bee Farm for abut 2 hours. This is a a family get-away and not my typical backpacking trip so comfort is one of my best priorities arranging this trip.

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