Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Accommodation and Dining in Sitio Sabang, Puerto Pricesa Palawan

Sitio Sabang is known to be the gateway to Puerto Princesa Subteranean River, a UNESCO World Heritage. Tourists usually flock the area  from mid-morning to early afternoons and leave the place almost deserted after those busy hours. I'd say that's the perfect time to truly appreciate how beautiful Sabang is. It boasts of a long stretch of beach with clear and warm water and powdery sand. That would be a good reason to consider staying even  for just a night in this lovely and pretty beach.

There are a lot of beach front accommodation options in Sabang. I had the opportunity of checking out some of these places when I commuted to  Sabang to witness the beauty of the Underground River. The weather didn't cooperate and  the area was currently affected by a typhoon that time. Imagine my disappointment when after an almost three hour of butt numbing bus ride, the tourism office in Sabang informed us they cancelled all tours for the day. Trekking the monkey trail was also strictly prohibited for safety reasons and that's what I'm mostly excited about! I understood but honestly, my heart sunk for a moment. Knowing my flight back home is the following day, there'd be no chance of seeing this natural wonder. My companions and I decided to stay for a night though, Sabang beach is hard to resist.

-Penao Beach Cottages and Canteen-
(currently ramaging my things to find their receipt with their phone number)

It was raining and equipped with just one umbrella for the three of us, we settled for the nearest accommodation we can find from the bus/van terminal. That would be Penao Beach Cottages found immediately when you turn right from the terminal (facing the beach). The cottages are decent enough and is a good value for money. We paid Php700 for the three of us. Their three cottages are constructed with native materials. Inside are 2 beds, with a cute round mosquito net hanging overhead the beds. Windows have screens to prevent mosquitoes from getting inside the cottage. The bathroom is quite spacious for a budget accommodation. There's a stand fan and a light bulb that we were only able to use from 6PM to 10PM, the time when resort's turn their generators on for electricity. Sabang doesn't have electricity yet so unless you stay in the upscale resorts in the area that have 24 hour generator available, you'll have electricity just as late as up to 11PM.

Walking towards the end at the right side of the beach, we passed by other accommodation options. Most also have their own restaurants. One interesting fact, all these resorts have at least one dog in their properties. These pets act as the guards of the resorts.

-Robert's Resort-
Contact #: 0927.312.3621

-Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa-

-Taraw Beach Cottages-
Contact #: 63.927.450.2984

-Green Verdi Resort Inn and Restaurant-
Contact #: 63.927.350.0289

-Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort-

-Mary's Cottages-
Contact #: 63.919.757.7582

-Tribal Beach Resort and Restaurant-

We had dinner in Tribal Beach Resort's Restaurant. I read several positive reviews about them so I encouraged my sister and boyfriend to try it out. The owner who also runs the place and cooks the meals was ready to please us. Tribal has 2 adorable dogs, one is a puppy who stays beside our table while we're eating. He must be asking for food. We didn't mind her though. She's just too adorable and even knows some tricks like her mom.

We ordered what seems to be unusually served in other restaurants except for the famous calamares and a platter of rice. We paid Php530 for everything.

Tribal has 4 cottages built in their fenced property. It is located at almost far end of the beach (on the right), just before Mary's and is near the starting point for the Monkey trail going to the Underground River.

There's not much to do in Sabang specially at night but I found our stay there worthwhile. The beach is so beautiful and I stayed in the water all afternoon despite the deteriorating weather. The night was so serene, it felt like for hours, I experienced how it was to live in an old civilization. :)


  1. informative information.

    i am going to palawan on november this year (2012), and i am looking for budget accommodation for five pax. Penao Beach Cottages and Canteen and Robert's Resort looks nice hopefully, but i dont think five person can fit into one room.

    1. I believe you would have to consider the other accommodation options in the area since Penao only has 2 beds in their cottages. I haven't checked the rooms in the other resorts but they are just located beside each other, checking each one shouldn't be a problem. Contacting them in advance might also be a good idea. Enjoy your trip! :)

  2. thanks for the reply. do u know any email or website where i can contact them?


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