Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sabang Beach: What Made up for the Failed PP Underground River Tour

As I've mentioned in my previous post, after an almost three hour of uncomfortable but scenic bus ride to Sabang, a sitio of Puerto Princesa Palawan and the gateway to the Puerto Princesa Underground River, we found out from the tourism office that all tours for the day have been cancelled due to bad weather. I was too excited to finally see the Underground River by doing a trek through the Monkey trail so it was truly frustrating that weather didn't cooperate. But then, that's one thing I learned, a traveler should always be flexible with itineraries and make the best out of every travel opportunity.

It was low tide when we reached Sabang. That gave us an even wider shore of gray and very fine sand to walk or run into. The extraordinary high and strong waves on that day extends to the far end of the shore, quickly turning the sand into a mirror, giving a beautiful reflection of the trees nearby. The rain continued to pour, sometimes it's just drizzle and often, it was hard. It didn't change a thing though. Sabang Beach was still beautiful, and looked mystical with sloping mountains partly covered in gray clouds.

The sand was warm and soft to the feel. It's like a comfort to the cold shower of the rains. For hours, I've stayed  outdoors, not really swimming but playing with the high waves, running from it until it finally catch me and immerse me on it's height. When I got tired, I stayed on the shallow part, relatively submerged in the warm water of the beach while feeling the rain drip on my face. It was like my childhood days once again. I was contented watching my boyfriend swim against the waves with other tourists doing the same. Be cautious though, there are warnings posted in Sabang that undercurrent is often strong. It was a good things that's not the case when we were there.

Sabang Beach is very scenic, the shoreline is dotted with towering coconut trees. It's charm comes from the exclusivity and serenity of the place. There's a part where I notice freshwater is flowing from the higher part of the cove to the shore. Surrounding mountains even make the scene even more picturesque. I'll still definitely go back to Sabang to try and see the underground river again but for this trip, Sabang Beach proved to also be a rewarding attraction worth visiting in Sabang.

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