Friday, November 4, 2011

A Walking Tour in Puerto Princesa City

Puerto Pricesa offers several attractions that appeals to every kind of tourists. When you find yourself in the city center with some time to spare, it would be a nice idea to visit these attractions. These are near each other so a walking tour is possible. From Aniceto Pension where we stayed for 2 nights, the cathedral is just few blocks away.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

This cathedral, although much smaller, somewhat reminds me of San Sebastian Church in Manila, probably because of the pointed arches and the architectural design. The facade's color is obviously inspired by their patroness, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.

The original structure built in this location was erected in 1872. The current church we see today is completed in 1961. The church lacks the ornate details found in most of old churches found in the country but it exudes a solemn atmosphere conducive to praying.

Plaza Cuartel

This is located across the street from the cathedral. There's really nothing to see inside the plaza (park) but this place holds a very significant part of the country's history. This used to be a military camp back in World War II. During the Japanese occupation in the country, about 150 American Prisoners of War  were murdered.  POW were commanded to go under the air raid shelter then were poured gasoline and were set on fire alive. Those who tried to escape from the fiery fumes were even cruelly machine gunned and decapitated. Almost everybody died except for eleven who managed to escape and luckily survived by swimming towards the Iwahig River.

Today, a bronze sculpture and a memorial marker was placed in the center of the plaza that serves as a reminder of the grim event that transpired on that very fateful night of Dec. 14, 1944.

Puerto Princesa Baywalk

This is probably one of the local's favorite hang-out during sun-down. I can't blame them. This is a clean nice place to breathe fresh air and appreciate the clean sea and the silhouettes of the mountains from afar - for free.

In the mornings, I could imagine myself jogging in the bricked pathways with cool breeze of air brushing my skin. The whole stretch of the boulevard is dotted with palm trees and plant boxes with green foliage which makes it even lovelier. It's definitely a nice place where you can just sit down and do nothing but feel empowered.


  1. i miss my second home.
    "In the mornings, I could imagine myself jogging in the bricked pathways with cool breeze of air brushing my skin." - i always do this when i was still living in puerto.
    glad you wrote this!

  2. Wow, didn't know you're from Palawan. Swerte mo naman James. Would that mean you frequent Puerto? I'll be back there and try to successfully see the Underground River, binagyo ako the first time.

  3. We lived in Puerto Princesa when I was in third grade, and never had the chance to revisit. I must say, it has changed heaps!


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