Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Buddy's and my Cravings for Pancit Habhab

One of the places that I always wish of coming back to is Lucban, a town in Quezon province located south of Manila. Lucban is a lovely place, clean and green but what really won my heart is the culinary experience Lucban provided me when I was there. In some of their streets and nooks are restaurants or local diners worthy to be tried out.

I specially love the famous Pancit Habhab, a noodle made right in Lucban and is cooked using a recipe that might be an open secret to the locals. Traditionally, it is served in a piece of banana leaf, drizzled with a special vinegar then is eaten by bringing it directly to the mouth, thus the term habhab. I, however didn't eat it that way when I was there. It was served in a cup yet the taste forever lingered and sometimes I couldn't stop myself from craving it.

Thankfully, this special noodles was already brought here in Manila by Buddy's - a restaurant that has it's roots in Lucban and that means I could feast on pancit habhab without traveling for 4 hours back to Lucban. The restaurant I visited is the one located in Timog corner Sct. Ybardaloza. I probably need not describe my dining experience but definitely, my craving was much to my relief, satisfied. They also have some other specialties in their menu.

Adding to my pleasant experience is the very festive decoration in the restaurant's interior. It feels like witnessing Lucban's streets during the Pahiyas Festival. You would never question the restaurants tagline: Buddy's - Dito parang laging Fiesta! (Buddy's - It always feels like a feast here!)

Buddy's is open from 10 AM to midnight everyday.  Haven't tried everything but for the pancit habhab, it's delicioso.  I surely would be going back here to eat again, hopefully with my friends next time. :)

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