Sunday, August 8, 2010

Team Building in Momarco Resort

It was a morning full of excitement. At last, the day of our long awaited and carefully planned team building had arrived. The weather was not as you would wish it to be when you are headed swimming (It was raining). Most of us just came from our night shifts and we haven’t slept as well (I’m one of them) yet it didn’t do anything to impede our high spirits.

From what I know our call time was seven in the morning. Right from work, we headed to McDonalds Valero and waited for our other colleagues to arrive while enjoying the breakfast Abs, our manager bought for all of us. Thanks TM! All of my teammates already arrived but we're still stuck in McDo because our driver arrived late. Of all the people to be late huh? It’s kinda annoying but things like that wouldn’t really matter much when you’re with people who are so fun to be with. It’s 8:30 AM when kuya driver arrived. We got into the van. And before I knew it, we’re already traveling the stretch of C5, then we're in Antipolo and other Rizal towns that I’ve never been to. It was two and a half hours travel but I never got bored. How can you be when everyone around you seems so jolly? With all the teasing, funny stuffs and Pinoy Henyo ongoing, you’ll really love it that you’re with them.

It’s around 11 AM when we reached our destination, Momarco Resort located in Tanay Rizal. Well, honestly I was not too impressed the moment I arrived. To be fair, I can say that the place is beautiful, probably it was just because I was expecting far more than what I’m seeing. But one thing that I really appreciate about this place is the vast land planted with so many trees. Everywhere is green and it’s relaxing to the eyes. The air is fresh too, it’s like when were mountain trekking. The resort provided barracks type accommodation and we checked our rooms.

I shared room with Irene, Hailey and Rona) An hour later, we headed to the Gazebo, where meals are being served, to fill our protesting stomach. It’s lunch time! We had Fried tilapia and chicken pastel. It’s our free time from after lunch to 5 in the afternoon before we start our team building activities. Some of us kinda felt lazy because of the seemingly cold weather, added the fact that perhaps, our tired and sleepy body's asking for a little rest, so instead of splurging in the inviting pool or discovering the place, we decided to take a nap before it’s all action time. Too bad for me, I wasn’t able to sleep no matter how tired I felt; maybe my body’s looking for the comfort of my own bedroom.

About 4 PM it rained hard and were stuck in our rooms, some are already enjoying the waters of the pool in the pouring rain. The activity was rescheduled after dinner. Rona and I had some chat while waiting for the two ladies to wake up. When they woke up at nearly 6 PM, the rain already stopped and we decided to give in to the inviting waters of the pool. That’s when some eerie things started to happen. Two of our colleagues have third eye and it seems both of them are seeing things, which continually happened even the day after, which eventually ended when we dropped by a church in Cainta (on our way home) and a priest aided us in prayers.

Never the less, this is the team building I surely will never forget in my whole life. A lot of fun, the best team, the best colleagues, the best team building activities and games, the best drinking buddies, the never ending stories, laughters, laughters and a great bonding. Here are more pics!

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