Monday, August 9, 2010

Mt. Batulao, - A Climb Like No Other

I consider myself a mountaineering enthusiast. Whenever I hear about mountain climbing or trekking plans, I suddenly get excited and my heart beats faster than it usually does. I always intend to join, usually though, I'm not fortunate enough to be approved for vacation leave requests, that's when the frenzy suddenly dies.

The first mountain I summited was Mt. Sembrano in Pililia, Rizal. Since it was my first time hiking, I felt like the heavens had it's way of baptizing me.. the rain poured really really hard that almost all of us got soaked inside our tents. Who wouldn't if a pond was formed inside our tents, right? And I mean that literally. lol! I remember not having slept the whole night and I think I wasn't alone. Almost all of us were awake. To my surprise though, when the sun started to rise the following morning, everybody was still in high spirits. (Thank you so much to CSL Packers for letting me tag along and inviting me in all the climbs. I miss you guys!)

The trek to Mt. Batulao is the first time I won't be with CSL Packers. I was with my IHG colleagues. That means, it's also the first time I brought my own tent and other necessities. (Nikko always do it for both of us, hehe)and it's heavy! lol! After my night shift, I rode a cab with Harold, Hanns and Kirsten from Ayala to a terminal in Buendia, behind a Sogo Hotel. From there, we've met with Dennis and Lino. We hopped into a bus going to Nasugbu Batangas and asked the driver to drop us off to Evercrest Golf Club. (The same road going to Calaruega). That's where we waited for Harold's cousins who knows the trail and would be joining us in the climb.

When they arrived, we started the long walk going to the jump off point. Men, It felt like it's taking forever to reach just the foot of the mountain but the several cups of coffee I consumed the night before is taking its toll - I didn't feel a bit sleepy at all! After few hours, the slopes are suddenly ascending. That's when I knew, the real trek begins.

Our pace is slow and we had several yosi breaks (I mean, them :D) and buko juice breaks along the way but nobody complained. The best way to appreciate what's around you is to pause for a while, breathe the fresh air and look around. ^_^ I remember we also had non stop amusing stories to share to each other even while walking. It rained the night before so the trails were really slippery and muddy. That forced Kirsten to change from her non- trekking shoes to slippers. She endured the 5 hour trek with the constant assistance from Dennis. They both got constant teasing from us too, lol! (and thought a new IHG loveteam will be formed?)

It was past 5 PM when we reached Camp 7 and decided it's a good place to pitch our tents. I then started to cook our dinner. (Also my first time, I didn't do the cooking with my previous climbs before, hehe) I didn't have complains though, who else knows how to cook? lol!

After dinner and few stories, sleeplessness and physical exhaustion summoned me to my tent. I thought, I'd sleep easily but the laughters and stories I'm hearing from the outside made it impossible for me to take even a nap. I joined the group instead who were still drinking, even singing at that time. It was a really fun night! Slept past 11 and we had a plan to summit the mountain at 4 or 5 in the morning.

We overslept and we're not able to do as planned but we still tried to climb the peak. Maybe though, just maybe, alcohol consumption from last night's socials stil had some effects on some of us so not everyone continued pursuing the summit. I think that's wise since the trail to the peak is still so much slippery and it doesn't look friendly at all.

But then, determined to reach Camp 10, the three of us continued, almost crawling in some parts of the ascent, hehe. It was a treat though when we reached the peak. The wind is so strong and cold, the view is stunning and that made us euphoric!

After a few minutes, we descended to camp 7 and started cooking breakfast, Spaghetti ala mountain Batulao, lol! After heavy breakfast, we broke camp, packed our things and began our descent.

When I got home, I dozed off the moment my back hit my bed, and I don't need to dream because my trek with my IHG friends is already almost surreal. ^_^ It was really fun and I realized so many things about myself - things I never thought I can do before.


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