Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Wonders of Anawangin Cove

I have first heard about Anawangin from a colleague at work. He's a fellow mountaineer and backpacker. His words about the place easily fixated images in my restless imagination. Then I heard it again from a friend who is a pro photography hobbyist. For a moment there, it was like I'm already witnessing how beautiful the place is.. that was when I know, it's impossible for me not to pay a visit. And so I hurriedly requested for a vacation leave and maybe it's meant to be (halleluiah!) because it was approved right away. :D

Anawangin Cove is a really magnificent place. During the boat ride, I can't help myself but admire the rock formations we've passed by. As our boat gets nearer to the shore, excitement kicked in and I can't wait to step at the clean sands of the shore.

When we finally arrived, I told myself, this is the place! C'mon! It's not commercialized, there are no accommodations, no electricity, no cellphone signal and no whatever you might need? (Except for a bathroom and waterpump ofcourse) This is nature at it's finest!

When we arrived, the place is almost deserted. I can probably make a quick headcount of how many people were there. In the afternoon they already left and it was just the four of us, Jean, Lester, Nikko and I plus Nanay Ligaya, the caretaker and Lupin his loyal dog in that Western side of the cove. It was tranquility at it's best!

When night time came, it rained a bit, almost a drizzle and the night is so quiet except for the howling of the wind. It's almost a bit creepy but how often do we hear the melody of the wind? (that's how I want to put it)we got to enjoy it anyways. :D

The waters in Anawangin is very calm, ideal for swimming. I was also amazed that instead of towering coconut and other tropical trees growing in the shore, agoho trees (looks like pine trees) abound the area. It's one of the wonders of the cove.

Second is the stream just steps away from the beach, with the agohos separating them. The stream is very clear and has it's own mystery that will surely captivate those who pass by it.

I spent three days and 2 nights in Anawangin with the company of really good friends then spent another 2 nights on my second visit. It made me feel like life can be really simple - so let's not make it too complicated.

Witnessing the wonders of Anawangin, I can't be happier that the Philippines has still comforting places like this. I hope Anawangin will be kept as it always is - a place of serenity and beauty. A charming display of what mother nature has to offer. :)

How to go to Anawangin

Ride a Victory Liner Bus going to Sta Cruz or Iba, Zambales. Ask to be dropped in the town of San Antonio. From the town, ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Pundaquit, the jump-off Point to Anawangin Cove/Capones and Camara Island/Nagsasa Cove and Silanguin Cove. Then ride a boat going to Anawangin.

I've been in the same area thrice and I always get Tatay Alfring as our boatman. I've encountered really rough waves and until now I'm still alive because of his skills. Here's his contact numbers: Tatay Alfring/Kuya Romeo(his son) 0928-3829947 and 09196498563.


  1. hello. my name is mimi hilario
    i had fun reading ur adventures.very educational now that i am looking for a place for getaway this summer.
    just want to ask if u have any suggestion on wer to stay at anawangin? do u have numbers i can inquire to?
    thank u so much...

  2. Hi Mimi! Thanks for the visit. :)
    I didn't realize I have not mentioned that there are no accommodations available right in Anawangin. You can camp there at night, you can bring your own tent. I heard the boatman we hired before (who's number is posted above)also rents tents if you don't have one. Camping can be very exciting, that's what we did.

    If you prefer to go to Anawangin during daytime only, there are several beachfront accommodation options in Brgy, Pundaquit (where you'll ride a boat to Anawangin. A friend of mine stayed in Capones Vista Beach Resort, he says it's a nice resort with a pool although the rates may be high for my standards. Resorts are located almost beside each other in Pundaquit. Please check this link and look for the resorts located in Pundaquit. I've never tried to stay in any of them though.
    Have a nice summer!


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