Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Breathtaking Walk to Manila Oceanarium

Now, don't get me wrong if I say it was breath-taking. :) I didn't mean the walk, because based from experience, one could roam around the whole place without missing anything in just under an hour. What's breath taking is the experience, feeling like being submerged under the sea, savoring my sweet encounter with the 300 species of marine life.

Manila Oceanarium is just one part, yet is what's most interesting (from my perspective) of what Manila Ocean Park has to offer. They also have Fish Spa, Musical Fountain Shows at night and numerous posh restaurants right in the park.

Right after showing our tickets to the guards manning the entrance, we've entered the first section of the Oceanarium. We were greeted with few fish tanks scattered almost everywhere and a forest-like atmosphere. Roots of this certain vine are hanging from overhead and the stairs going up are artistically arranged to match the mood of the area. There is a lowered and open aquarium where multicolored and different sized starfish are displayed. There is a cute lady standing right there who offers interesting facts about these species and is very accommodating in answering any questions asked to her.

After seeing everything there is, we moved to the second section of the Oceanarium. We entered a dark space where the only light is illuminated from separate aquariums holding different species of sea water fishes and shells. Taking pictures is allowed however using flash is strictly prohibited which gave me the illusion to tread carefully with my every step as not to create any noise that could wake up a baby. I got to see Nemo and his family :D as well as the only shellfish that can survive the now polluted waters of Manila Bay. :(

We continued walking until we got to the part where the fish tanks are even bigger and are capable of holding bigger sea creatures. Then we're on to my favorite part! - crossing the 25 meter long underwater tunnel. This is where I was really amazed. For a moment there, I am "Marina" spending quality time with my family and friends, lol!

Even just the color of the water is a beauty to my eyes so what more with these living things that seem to be racing and frolicking in the waters with each other. It is really a sight to see. :) We stayed a while in that area taking pictures and just savoring the moment watching the sting rays, sharks and colorful school of fishes swimming in different directions.

After some time, we decided to leave and we got to see this huge aquarium where sharks are being fed by a diver. I was scared for the diver but he seemed to have mastered the art of dealing with sharks, they appeared tame in front of him. :D A little further walk and before we knew it, that was the last section of the Oceanarium.

We exited through the stairs going up then guess what surprised us? The marvelous sunset of Manila Bay :) I was thinking, is this a part of the Php400 entrance fee? lol! I then exhaled in awe and told myself, wow! This is indeed a wonderful world before we headed to Robinson's Place and had dinner.

***Raw Photo Credits to David Tejones***

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