Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tukuran Hanging Bridge

Right after we witnessed the beauty of Tukuran Hidden Paradise, I already had my day complete, so ready to go back to our hotel back in Aninuan Beach. I have my full attention on the landscapes we were passing by when Michael suddenly stopped the tricycle on our way back to San Teodoro. I thought he just needed to check on the tires so I was surprised when he told us there's a hanging bridge on our right.

There's a small iron gate almost invisible to the passersby as it was partly covered by thick foliage. He opened the gate for us and I was surprised some more. Right before my eyes is the longest hanging bridge I've been to here in the Philippines. It is a bit rusty and the floors slippery (due to the light rain). It swayed when we walked through it but it proved to still be sturdy.

The bridge is an important structure because it links the gap from the Mangyan village (natives of Oriental Mindoro) to the main roads going to town. Under this bridge is a part of Tukuran River where water from Tukuran falls (which is found uphills in about 30 minutes) flow. There's really nothing to do here but if you're in the vicinity, it is also great to see. It looked a bit of contrast to the laid back and natural surroundings but somehow, it added a rustic charm to the surrounding view.


  1. thanks for sharing your travel experience. my husband and I are also planning to see puerto galera for our 31st wedding aniversary. Your post have been very informative. we will stay at the Tamaraw beach resort as you recomend.Thanks and God bless!

  2. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary Mona. :)31 years is really admirable, I'm inspired!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I'm happy to share these experiences specially to my kababayans. Maybe, you'd consider getting a bigger room in Tamaraw, just to make the experience more special. Take care on your trip and wish you the best of fun!

  3. Thanks for this, might used this as a guide for our next trip.
    you may also want to try the hanging bridge in the Baler Aurora. :) Here's a link on some site with the said hanging bridge.

    just found it when i searched in google, but me myself, have gone there also, just try going there when you happen to go to Baler.

    1. Thanks for this suggestion Jomai. I'll check it out once I get a chance to visit Aurora. I must say though, the bridge doesn't look safe so I might learn how to swim very well first before I decide to pass this bridge. :p


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