Monday, June 13, 2011

The Uncrowded Beach of Aninuan in Puerto Galera

Manila, where I currently reside is approximately just about three hours away from Puerto Galera, a place in Oriental Mindoro that is home to several "white sand" beaches and shimmering blue waters. It was my first time to go here. Hearing Puerto Galera is a party beach, I was turned off right away and didn't bother to join friends whenever I was invited to go with them. I always prefer the beach to be quiet and peaceful just like my personality :)

My tenth year anniversary with Nikko is nearing and having had budget and time constraints as well as for safety reasons, we both agreed not to push through with Calaguas Island trip as originally planned. I then researched for an alternate place where we can spend the weekend together. That's when I reconsidered Puerto Galera specially when I read Claire's blog about Talipanan Beach, also in Puerto Galera. I then realized, it might be worthwhile trying it out, specially it was said that the place is equal in beauty with White Beach (where most tourists stay) less the crowd.

So I initially planned that we stay in Talipanan only to realize, it might be too far and inconvenient since I also included Tamaraw Falls and Tukuran Hidden Paradise in our itinerary, other attractions in Oriental Mindoro which are just few towns away from Puerto Galeara and which we reached by just commuting. That's when I stumbled upon Tamaraw Beach Resort which is located in Aninuan Beach.

Aninuan Beach is the next beach from White Beach when riding the ferry from Batangas Pier and is before Talipanan. These beaches are separated by a big and rocky boulder but is possible to cross during low tide.

We reached Aninuan on a Saturday and several guests were already in the area. It's comforting to see though that the beach didn't look crowded, maybe because  the beach front has a wide expanse of shores. There are also just two resorts operating in that part of Puerto Galera, one is Sunset in Aninuan, an upscale hotel resort where most foreign tourists stay and the less pricey Tamaraw Beach Resort, which served as our home for two nights.

Right after a 3PM lunch on our first day, Nikko and I explored the whole stretch of the beach as we walk towards Luca's Italian Restaurant at the far end of Talipanan Beach. Tamaraw is the first resort coming from White Beach, next is Sunset in Aninuan Resort. Right after that is a surprise. :) There's a beautiful scenery of a stream where the sea water flows into it meeting with the fresh water. Looking into that side, it also has the panoramic backdrop of the lush mountains and greens surrounding the stream. It instantly refreshed me from feeling sleepy and tired.

The sand in Aninuan is off white, yet it glistens like snow when sunlight is at brightest. There are also several stones scattered in the shore but walking barefooted didn't cause me any discomfort. Stones are mostly smooth, round and flat, the kind that's perfect to throw in the sea to see how many times it will bounce from the water.

Just a few more steps and I saw the widest expanse of the shore in that side of the beach, with few scattered native houses and a main house at the center shaded with lush coconut trees towering around it. It instantly put me into a playful mood and I wanted to roll in the sand right away (lol) but I didn't especially when I saw 2 old folks sitting on a folding chair placed few meters from us and were watching the sea. There are two gentlemen standing on the side of the old folks, one is holding an umbrella. Then it dawned on me, that maybe is the part of the Zobel de Ayala's property in Aninuan. I then saw a yacht and I dreamed of using it to tour the whole archiepelago. :D

We continued walking and admiring how wide and clean the shore is. Then we reached the boulder separating Aninuan from Talipanan. I didn't want to cross the water and get wet since we'll have dinner in Luca's and I'm greatful that a local teenager pointed us to an upward pathway where she said we could take to avoid the water. We passed by some houses owned by the locals and by the time we walked down slope, I knew that we're already in Talipanan Beach.

The waters in Aninuan is generally calm with bigger waves  in late afternoons. I found it too salty compared to other beaches I've been. Water accidentally entered my nose many times while swimming and I don't understand why. The water temparature is soothing since it wasn't too cold or warm but it's the wind that's  frigid despite the sun shining really bright. About 25-30 meters away from the shore, Nikko and I did snorkel. Don't expect to see much. I didn't see any colorful corals except for something that looked like a brain and has a green tint. There's also a part of the deep sea that became shallow because of a big mass of rock where corals are starting to grow. Blue and black fishes play in that part of the sea and I tried capturing a video with my camera.

Overall, I loved  Aninuan Beach. The water is great for swimming, the nights are perfect for intimate moments, the ambiance is relaxing and I loved walking on the it's expanse of  broad shore.


  1. it's my 2nd visit to go to Puerto Galera if ever our 3D2N stay will push thru by next week... been there way back year 2005 :)

    thanks for sharing ^^

  2. No prob, lady firehawk. Thanks for following. ^_^
    Hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. i'm disabled but can walk with the help of a cane. is there another way to go to Sunset Aninuan without walking through all those boulders?

    1. Hi Jen. In what beach would you be coming from? If you're staying in a resort located in Aninuan, there would be no boulders to cross if you wish to stroll the stretch of the beach. If you're coming from Talipanan beach or white beach though, you can opt to ride a tricycle going to aninuan beach. Please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks. :)

  4. Hi! Hello! just got interested about Aninuan Beach...How much is the rate of cottage per night? how many hours from Batangas Pier in order to get there? TY a lot. God bless u!

    1. Hi. :) We stayed in Tamaraw Beach Resort during our stay in Aninuan Beach. Please check this link for my experience in the resort and kindly contact them directly for their current rates. Thanks. It's around an hour travel from Batangas Pier to Aninuan Beach.

  5. less than 20 years ago white beach was a quiet place, but returning only a few years later we couldn't find our old hotel the beach was so cluttered with bars and shops etc. but people like it, so we also discovered the next beach over the rocks and we have stayed there ever since. a wonderful group of people trying to maintain and preserve some tranquility. see you on the beach!


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