Monday, June 13, 2011

Tamaraw Beach Resort, accommodation in Puerto Galera

The moment I settled with the fact that I'm spending my anniversary weekend with Nikko not in Calaguas but in Puerto Galera, accommodation is the first thing I researched. Other than budget as a consideration, (specially I'm not the one paying, hehe.. ) I really like the place to be beautiful, safe and far from the maddening noise of a crowd. Coming across some write ups about Tamaraw Beach Resort located in Aninuan Beach, I thought maybe it was the place I'm looking for. I didn't reserve a room right away but I was hoping there will be one left for us. I wanted to have a freedom of looking for other options in case I didn't like the feel of the place.

Riding the ferry and reaching White Beach, almost everybody alighted the boat except for another couple.  When our ferry docked in front of Sunset in Aninuan Resort, we walked a few steps on our left towards Tamaraw and was asked by a gentleman wearing a Tamaraw Resort shirt if he can help us with something. I told him we wanted to check their rates. He guided us to the reception area where we booked the cheapest room available.

Our room was located in what I called the 3 1/2 floor because it is on the middle of the third and fourth floor, halfway the stairs to reach the higher floor of the concrete building.  It was painted purple that illuminates a pink tone when sunlight enters from the window where the mountains are visible. It has a double bed, a fan and a neat little bathroom.

Our two night stay in the resort had been truly comfortable and enjoyable. People in the front desk area may have not been trained to smile to guests and are not overly cordial but they answer questions and fulfill requests right away. One thing I liked about Tamaraw is the honestly of their staff. If it's free, they really tell guests it's free, like when we're asking if they are selling hot water or when we're asking how much do locals pay the tricycle when they go to the town from the resort. We were informed that they provide free transportation service to staying guests (like when we needed a ride to town going to Tamaraw Falls and Tukuran Hidden Paradise) through a van if there are several guests and in our case, since there's just two of us, a tricycle. :) We just paid Php800 a night yet we felt like we're a million dollar richer, we felt important.

The resort have different accommodation options. Some prefer the cottages lined near the shore and are surrounded by flourishing plants. I prefer to stay in the building because of the great sea view that greets me whenever I step to the corridors. One can see the rest of the resort from the fourth floor.

We visited nearby attractions during daytime and by the time we were back at the resort, we kind of felt a little spent already. It was soothing to lie down on the beach chairs under the shade of umbrella trees, then listen to the gentle waves caressing the shore. At nights, we had our midnight snack in these same chairs, eating pizza and sipping  softdrinks in a quiet windy night, exchanging intimate conversation over  soft music playing from my phone.

When Sunday afternoon came, we practically have the resort to ourselves except for friendly foreign tourists (mostly are French) who were also staying in the resort.  Most of them smile at us then we're engaged to short conversations. With our last two days of stay in the resort, we're the only Filipinos left but it didn't really matter.

I really had a good time staying in Tamaraw Beach Resort. It's on a good location, they have good service and they provide good value for what guests are spending. They have a restaurant and that maybe is the only downside when you're staying in the resort. There's not a lot of  food options and  prices are higher than my standard so we didn't really eat here (most are food we bought from other restaurants) except for the second night when after we had dinner, I craved for dessert. I had mango chocolate crepe and melon shake and paid a little more that Php200. I just couldn't believe I had my dinner for only Php70 then spent that amount for dessert, lol! But it was delicious so I guess, I could forget about the price. :)

So when you're a person who can pass up on night life, or maybe going on a romantic trip, this resort might be a good choice for you the next time you go back to Puerto Galera. I"ll surely stay with them again on my next visits.

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  1. Hi! I really admire your blog posts especially this one about Tamaraw Beach Resort and Hidden Paradise coz I'm planning to go in Galera with my boyfriend by October 2011, infact already reserved deluxe room in Tamaraw Resort since we are budget travelers too. Thanks for your wonderful posts, it really helped a lot.

  2. Hi Joyce! I feel glad you find the posts helpful. I bet you're also going to have a great time specially in hidden paradise. Let's explore and promote more of the Philippines. Thanks for following. :)

  3. I am amazed! Thank you for sharing this! I've been to Galera before, in White Beach and the accommodations were expensive but the rooms and the toilet didn't look expensive at all! I'll bring my friends in that resort this summer, definitely!

    By the way which ferry did you ride? It really docks in front of Tamaraw Beach Resort?

  4. Hi Claire. Thanks for dropping by. :) I can't recall the ferry company but when you arrive Batangas port, you'd have options. Their ticket booths are just right beside each other and basically you just need to check which one is leaving for Aninuan Beach. (which is just right after White Beach) That time, fare was Php50 more compared to the for White Beach.

  5. Hi, nice blog. prolly took you a lot of time doing it, but i'm almost sure, it was with all smiles.

    By the way, would you know how to get from Sabang or Aninuan to White Beach by any chance?

  6. Hi Hannah! I think I made it too obvious that I really enjoyed my stay here huh. :D

    Aninuan Beach,where this resort (Tamaraw Beach Resort) is located is on the same stretch of shore with White Beach but is separated by a boulder and several rocks that you can cross during low tide. It is also just a 15 minute walk if you use the highway.

    I'm not sure if there are jeeps from Sabang to White Beach but an option is to take a tricycle. Hope this helps. :)

  7. Very informative and inspiring! Your now my IDOL... woohhhhh! You know what i like your blogs especially it helps us to go to a place we've never been. As i search about Puerto galera, ive read your blogs and i was amazed. Next week were planning to to Puerto galera together with my friend, actually its our second option because our Cebu trip was cancelled so sad but i know there's a reason behind that. Thanks for sharing your blog! ;-)

    1. Thanks for the kind words Lynette. Comments like yours continually inspire me to write some more.

      Don't lose heart that your trip was cancelled.. I myself cancelled 3 trips this year because I'm trying to help save up for an upcoming special event. I was prepared not to have any major trips yet a surprise came. Someone dear treated me to an international trip. :) Life is really full of surprises so don't be sad.

      Have fun in your Puerto Galera getaway. Hope you can share your experiences once you're back. Tc!

  8. I'm not a fan of a lot of travel blogs (as most are mediocre) but yours is awesome! The photos really showed the simple beauty of the place which I look for in blogs. I'm planning to go to Tamaraw resort this month-end and your blog finally sealed my decision to go. I have been to White Beach 4 times so I guess it's time for me to explore a different resort this time :-) Thank you for sharing your Tamaraw experience.

  9. Hi im from taguig pwede po ba malaman kung magkano po ang naging pamasahe nyo from manila hanggang dyan po we are planning to go there po kasi maraming salamat po..:)


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