Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Side Trip to Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera, Philippines

Puerto Galera is a gem of the Philippines. It boasts of pristine beaches, rich marine life and green mountains. There's one more natural wonder in that area that surely left me in awe, that is the magnificent cascades of Tamaraw Falls.

Most hotels in Puerto Galera offer a tour package to Tamaraw falls for Php1,500 per person. That idea didn't appeal thrilling to me though knowing that everything will be arranged for me. I always like to do it my way, that is commuting - just the way the locals do it. Besides, I'm really not willing to pay that amount.

From Tamaraw Beach Resort in Aninuan Beach, I asked the lady in the frontdesk how much do locals pay for a tricycle ride from their resort to the downtown. It is Php100 per tricycle for a special trip but we didn't need to take one because the resort provided us a FREE tricycle ride to the town. We're grateful to them and it took us about 20 minutes to reach the town. We didn't forget to give tip to our friendly driver.

From the town, there are queues of jeeps headed to Calapan City, the capital of Oriental Mindoro. The barker told us to hop inside the jeep right away since it's about to leave. Without thinking twice, we did as told and the jeep left. We didn't have any idea that only a seat for one person is available and there are even people sitting at the door and were standing at the back of the vehicle. Wanting to reach Tamaraw Falls early, we decided not to alight and I just sat on Nikko's lap through the 15 km. travel. We passed through zigzag roads with some parts still under construction which made me a bit uncomfortable. It was ok though, I still had fun. We paid Php30 each for the fare and in about 30 minutes, we reached Tamaraw falls, which is right beside the road.

Tamaraw Falls is truly a masterpiece of nature. It is a 423-foot series of differently shaped and sized waterfall flowing downwards then finally combining each drop into a single cascade creating a pool at the foot of it. Thick trees and foliage abound the mountain where the water is flowing. The water then flow downwards under and to the other side of the bridge where it is collected in a man made pool where everyone can take a dip. Entrance is Php20.

Several tourists were already there when we arrived. After we took some photos, we had to leave soon because we also planned of visiting Tukuran Hidden Paradise and we were not sure of how to get there. I glanced at the falls for the last time then Nikko and I continued walking on the highway to Calapan, thinking its just a walking distance from Tamaraw Falls.

To go back to Puerto Galera, ride a jeep from Calapan City going back to Puerto Galera. It will pass right on thesame highway. Last trip is 7 PM.


  1. tips for travellers:
    fare from white beach to puerto galera bayan- P25
    fare from puerto galera bayan to tamaraw falls- P40
    entrance to tamaraw falls poolside- P30 adult
    ***there are no more railings on the edge of the pool. be careful, very slippery. if you fall, consider yourself lucky if you just get fractured bones.
    ***people are no longer allowed to go near the falls because of falling rocks.
    ***only a few usuable cottages left
    ***bring your own water when travelling. drinks are very pricey in this area
    ***for thrill seekers- you can ride on top of the jeepneys for a better view of the landscape- enjoy!


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