Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tinago Falls: A Hidden Majesty in Iligan City

It all started when I saw the commercial for a local movie. There was a scene with a backdrop of a majestic waterfall, with cascades flowing right into a vast basin of emerald green waters. From then on, I was kind of hypnotized by the allure that I only saw in the TV so I won't be able to fully describe how I felt when I finally got to see Tinago Falls.

I started researching on how I could go to the falls. I was then amazed to learn that there are 23 falls just in the City of Iligan City, the capital of Lanao del Norte in Northern Mindanao. My mind was in a wishful thinking mode  hoping to have a glimpse of all the falls. As expected though, I have to wake up from my dream. These falls are scattered throughout the city and our limited time visiting wouldn't do any help. The truth is, I was a bit disheartened but my spirits were suddenly lifted upon reading some blogs giving me an idea that atleast three falls are in thesame vicinity and is possible to visit in just one day. Yey! We've then booked a flight to Cagayan de Oro. :)

The side of Tinago Falls where our habal-habal (a motorcycle modified to seat more than two persons) driver led us is the public side of the falls so we were not asked to pay for any fee. The other side is owned by a resort and they were asking for a Php10 entrance fee. We had to trek down to a series of cement stairs built on a sloping terrain. In about 10-15 minutes of walking, I heard a loud gushing of water and in just seconds, I was seeing the most beautiful falls I've seen so far.

Tinago Falls radiates a magnificent beauty. The main cascade is a towering 240 feet. The water drops strongly producing mists that reaches even up to several meters from the falls. It's like you're in an enchanted place. The sun doesn't fully shine as it is obstructed by the surrounding greens and the weather is always cool.  Swimming is truly refreshing for a soul who is thirsty of relaxation. It's also a good place for bonding with people you love.  They have picnic tables and benches set up although I'm hoping the restrooms can be improved soon. The place isn't just enjoyed by admiring tourists but by locals as well. When I was there, a very brave local jumped from the rocks the height half of the falls. Everybody was applauding after he resurfaced from the water. I almost had a heart attack though.

Tinago Falls is a must-see when visiting Iligan City. For me, it's even my reason for traveling to Northern Mindanao. I love the fact that even if it is called "Tinago" (a local word which means Hidden) it can now be easily reached. This is like a majesty of the Philippines that is just waiting to be visited.

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