Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mimbalut Falls

Iligan City is not called the City of Majestic Waterfalls  for a reason. One of the 23 falls found in the city is Mimbalut Falls. This falls is in the same route to Ma. Christina Falls which is probably one of the most famous of all the falls here in the Philippines.

The water dropping from the falls is strong, plumetting into a narrow yet deep basin of water surrounded by big and slippery rocks, thus it is not a suitable area for swimming. The sunlight is directly hitting the flowing water that it looks bright from afar. The boulders surrounding the area are rocky with almost sharp edges. I wonder if it is a landslide prone area.

The water flows downwards, into an open space creating a shallow pool ideal for lazing in the water. When I arrived there though, it was Saturday and the locals use that area for doing their laundry. There are tables and benches set up for picnics but was used by the locals for drying their clothes.

I realized that Mimbalut Falls, more than a potential tourist place, plays a more important role in the lives of the people living in the vicinity. I wouldn't really suggest it as a tourist attraction but it is quite beautiful that my visit was worth it. It's a dreamy place and well, a spot in Iligan city where you can appreciate a part of Iliganon's way of life.

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