Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Go to Three of Iligan City's Waterfalls in One Day

During the last quarter of 2011, I had a chance of visiting three waterfalls found in Iligan City, also known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. I only had a day so I tried to maximize my visit and researched on what are the falls located in the same area that is possible to see in justa day. Here's a guide on how to visit Ma. Christina Falls, Mimbalut Falls and Tinago Falls in one day when you're coming from Cagayan de Oro.

How to go to Ma. Christina Falls:

- dried fish stall in Iligan City Market -

  • From your hotel in Cagayan de Oro, ride a jeep going to Bulua Terminal (Westbound Buses). Ride a bus going to Iligan City. Fare for an airconditioned bus is Php145 but the lady conductor said because it's their first trip, we only have to pay Php115 as a discounted rate. Not so sure why it works that way.
  • The bus will have a final stop at their terminal in Iligan City. Ride a jeep that would take you to the market. There are queues waiting in the terminal. Fare is Php7.50.
  • If you didn't bring lunch with you, you can buy it in the market There are local eateries (carinderia) that based on experience sell delicious, cheap and clean food. Bought kilawing tuna and lechon kawali and rice for a total of Php57. 
  • Ride a jeep going to Buruun. These jeeps pass right across the street where the carinderias are located. Tell the driver to drop you off Ma. Christina Falls. fare is Php12.
  • The driver will drop you on a highway, right after a bridge with a stunning view. From there, walk towards a street on the left that would lead you to the gate of Ma. Christina Nature Park.
How to go to Mimbalut Falls and Tinago Falls:

- the drop off point to Ma. Christina Falls -
  • On that same bridge, ride a jeep with the same route (going to Buruun). Tell the driver that you're going to Mimbalut Falls. You will be dropped in a waiting shed where there are queue of motorcycles (habal-habal) that can take you to Mimbalut Falls. The path to the falls is not advisable for a walk, it's quite far.
  • Negotiate with the motorcycle driver. We were charged Php125 each for both Mimbalut Falls, Tinago Falls and back to the highway where we can ride a jeep back to the terminal after the tour. 2 passengers in each motorcycle.

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