Monday, June 25, 2012

Ma. Cristina Falls and the Hydro Electric Power Plant

Every Filipino must surely know or heard about Ma. Cristina Falls. It is included in one of the earliest subjects being taught to elementary pupils.

The famous Falls is located in Iligan City, a progressive city in Lanao del Norte in Southern Philippines. It is a 320 feet falls with very strong water flow that is perfect as a source of hydroelectric energy. It is part of the  Agus River Power Development and is operated by National Power Corporation.

Arriving at the gate of  Ma. Cristina Falls Nature Park, we paid Php35 each for entrance fee and Php10 each for the shuttle that would take us to the top of the park where the spectacular view of the twin falls is awaiting appreciation. The open shuttle passed hilly terrains with a wonderful view of rich flora. The road is too narrow and there is a certain part that was partly blocked because of minor landslide. The ride was short but kind of breath taking. The shuttle stopped at the end of the street where the building of the power plant is erected. We were guided to climb a set of stairs that sometimes lead inside the building. On the third floor, there is an open area designed for tourists to view the falls. This is the nearest point one can get to the falls.

When we just arrived, only one the falls is open but it was already fascinating. A few minutes later, the second falls opened and is is truly strong, it's like the falls wanted everybody to know she's the mightiest falls and it's jaw dropping. Despite our distance, I felt the mist of the falls reach our area and dampens my skin. I can't wait to text my mom to let her know Ma. Cristina falls is right in front of my sight. She used to be a Grade 1 teacher and this is one of the topics she is familiar about. The guard I asked told me it's not all the time the power plant releases water from the dam constructed on the top of the falls, they usually release it during weekends when there's too much water stored thus they open both the falls.

The river where the falls drop has a very strong current that would be perfect for white water rafting. The sound it produces sounds like an adrenaline rush, non stoppable and exciting. It flows downwards where it meets with the sea under the bridge, the same bridge where you alight when commuting to this place.

Ma. Cristina Falls is something you won't want to miss when you're in Iligan City.


  1. it is indeed beautiful! :) i visited Ma christina on a monday so I wasnt able to witness its twin fall :) Lovely writeup

  2. I couldn't agree more on it's being beautiful Wander Shugah. Sayang naman you were there on a weekday pero ok lang,maganda pa din naman I'm sure saka there's always next time. :) Thanks for the kind words. :)


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