Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Malasag Eco Tourism Village

Malasag Eco Tourism Village is located in a hilly terrain in Sitio Malasag, Brgy. Cugman in Cagayan de Oro City. It can be reached by riding a jeep from the city to Mapawa (Php13 fare) then riding a motorcycle in the junction (habal-habal fare is Php14). The habal-habal ride is exciting, it is an uphill and sometimes curvy ride with lush forests on the side of the road.

There is an entrance fee of Php30 after which, one would be provided a map making it easier to navigate the vastness of the place. Climate is significantly colder in Malasag. It offers a stunning view of  Macajalar Bay. Their al fresco restaurant is the perfect spot to view the lowlands and the sea while enjoying dining.

It is said that this village was created to increase learning about the lives of ethnic groups in the country. Sadly, I didn't experience that when I got there. Roaming around, what I was able to appreciate is how green everything is. Trees, flowering plants and trimmed grass are everywhere. It is an ideal place for picnic and family bonding. They do have a swimming pool with a Php50 entrance fee and an open grassy field perfect for sports like frisbee (Ultimate).

Aside from that, there is also a zoo that based on my observation, although I might be wrong, isn't maintained  well. The animals seemed very hungry. :( I'm thinking maybe because of low tourist visits, the place isn't raising enough funds to fully take care of them. That was late last year though, I'm hoping things have changed by now. The collection of animals are quite interesting and had variety.

There is also a long hanging bridge built under the shade of towering trees. it is wobbly yet  my companions and I had fun crossing it to the end. Talk about the child inside of us. :D There are also different accommodations for guests who would prefer to stay in this tranquil and relaxing place.

The Gardens of Malasag is just a few minutes away from Mapawa Nature Park, in fact you would have to ride thesame habal-habal from Cugman Highway, you'd just need to take the left side of the fork road when going to Malasag. It is a place to consider as a side trip if coming from Mapawa Nature Park.


  1. I agree. Konti lang ung mga tourist jan. usually mga school fieldtrips lng ung pumupunta and some foreigners. tho I love dining sa al fresco. masarap and cheap lng ung food :) I might post it one day din.


  2. Looking forward to your post, di kasi namin natry yong food.

  3. Interesting! Well info to the person who would like to visit malasag eco-village like me. :) Super excited to experience on what you have experienced there.. Thankiee <3

  4. mam thanks sa info. pwede ko po ba makuha contact dyan sa malasag? gusto rin po kasi namin pumunta this oct.

  5. The Gardens of Malasag is different now compared on your pictures. Yet, it is still a good place to unwind.


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