Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Review of Cabua-an Beach Resort - A Budget Accommodation in Camiguin

Camiguin is  a charming unpretentious province located in Northern Mindanao in Southern Philippines. Its appeal roots from the simple and laid back life of the people. It is considered a small province yet it is home to some of the most famous attractions of the country like the majestic Mt. Hibok-hibok, the therapeutic hot spring of Ardent, the flourishing underwater life in Mantigue Island and the unique experience of snorkeling in the Sunken Cemetery.

I considered several accommodation options for our trip in Camiguin. Although our group had a budget I was trying to meet, I still wanted to stay in a beautiful beachfront property. Thinking there's no possible night activity to do in town, I imagined spending the evening with my travel companions in the seashore while we're sharing stories over a few bottles of beer. I stumbled upon a site with different accommodation options, with estimated rate plus contact numbers however, there's no other information or photo I could use to decide. The resort didn't have a website at that time. Comparing it to other beachfront  resorts though, I decided it's worth a shot. We had our reservation with them.

Cabua-an Beach Resort is about a  30 minute multicab ride from Benoni Port and a 10-15 minute walk from the town center of Mambajao, the capital town of Camiguin. There are also several motorelas that you can ride going here. Fare around town is Php7 (last quarter of 2011). I wasn't really expecting much from this place given the rate but I feel that we got the value of what we paid for.

The main building where the reception area and where our room was located is still a few steps away from their gate, passing by a few fruit bearing trees. We we're provided with our room key and climbed the stairs leading to the second floor where some of the rooms are located. The stairs first led us to a veranda that served as a pathway to individual rooms. It has a beautiful view of the back lawn, noticeably manicured and taken cared of as well as the pathway to the sea. There are wooden tables and chairs set up in front of each room that served it's purpose well. By this, I was already convinced Cabua-an is a lovely place and  could have just set up a hammock in the veranda and sleep there for the night but everybody prefer a bed including me so we opened the door to our room.

The room we got is an air-conditioned  family room. There were 5 single beds  with a weaved rattan headboard with the bedding in my favorite shade. These are things I liked about our room. It is spacious and was entirely clean. The en suite bathroom and toilet are separated and there's an additional sink outside the bathroom.The beds are comfortable and bedding smelled nice. Even without a guard  and with the front desk closing at 10PM, I still  felt really safe. I also thought of some things they can still probably improve on. I mentioned that the room is spacious however I found the bed arrangement  awkward. The airconditioner just cooled one direction therefore guests staying on the corner won't feel that there's an AC at all, sadly I'm the one to experience that. Whenever somebody walked, I strongly felt it while lying on my bed but I'm thinking it might be because of the wooden floor.

The room is basic but is adequate with our needs. The lack of TV in our room is fine with me. I was there to explore and appreciate what's around me. For guests booked for an extended stay, you may opt to book for the cottages, some have TV and hot shower. With the Php950 we paid, I still feel that we got the bang for our buck, honestly maybe more.

The main building also houses the restaurant (where there's a TV) that opens from breakfast up to 10 PM. We didn't try it as well but we bought their home made polvoron. It was delicious. Besides the main building, there are also beachfront cottages but can accommodate fewer number of guests. You may check their updated rates here. They also have WiFi in the main building.

The beach is not a stretch of sandy beach that I imagined but has a pebbled shore. The rocks and stones were smooth if not round. I didn't have a chance to check out the water or what's under it for we left the whole days we were there to check out other attractions. What I remember is the night I'm sitting in the veranda and was serenaded by cicadas that might be residing on the very tall tree in front of our room.

Overall, I would recommend this place to a friend. The room is basic and there's really nothing special but the resort itself is already a retreat, a place to appreciate peace and quiet. I could imagine myself going back to Cabua-an, sitting on the same seat I've occupied in the veranda, sipping a cup of coffee with somebody I love, feeling the light breeze of the wind caress my hair and smelling the fresh fragrance of the surrounding greens. Oh, I must be dreaming now but really, I'm glad to have stayed in Cabua-an and I''ll be happy to stay there again when I go back for a visit.

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    1. Hi. :)I have a list of the provinces I've already blogged about on the left side of the posts, clicking it will direct you to all the lists of my entries for that particular place or you may opt to search it on the search box on the upper left corner of this blog. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hi, do you have the contact numbers of cabua-an? Please provide. Thanks. :D

    1. My bad, didn't provide it here. I already lost the pamphlet I took from them but you may try this number in their website.

  3. thanks for the helpful review of Cabua-an resort!


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